Guitar lessons in Santa Clarita

Learning the guitar can be cool and fun! Our guitar teachers have years of experience playing and teaching guitar.

Contact our guitar teachers to the right so that you can:

  • Learn to play that song you’ve always loved
  • Impress your friends and family
  • Be a part of our fun recitals to showcase skills
  • Learn music on a portable cool instrument
  • Build confidence

Our Guitar Teachers

Joshua Huntington Joshua Huntington Cell: (760) 821-7962
Joshua Huntington Cell: (760) 821-7962 Full Profile
Michael Ribait Michael Ribait (661) 310-8899
Michael Ribait (661) 310-8899 Mickey has been teaching fun, challenging, and inspiring music lessons to guitar students for over 10 years. Mickey earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in music composition from the California Institute of the Arts, with a multi-focus in composition, piano performance, and audio engineering. Full Profile

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About the Guitar

Guitar lessons will help you learn more about music and grow your skills on an electric, acoustic, or bass guitar. The guitar is an extremely popular instrument right now and its portability and size make it an excellent choice for both children and adults. It’s never to late to start taking guitar lessons!

Guitars are primarily made of strings and the body. The width of the string and how it is depressed determines the pitch produced while the body is what causes the actual air to vibrate and be transmitted into sound.

Learning to play guitar is extremely rewarding and students in guitar lessons find that they can progress very quickly as you can learn many popular songs after mastering only a few basic chords. To get more information about guitar lessons or to schedule a lesson contact one of our guitar teachers today.

Guitar Fun Facts

The most expensive guitar in the world is the Fender Stratocaster, signed with 19 famous guitarists and sold at a charity auction for $2.8 million.

The most expensive production model today is the Fender Midnight Opulence, which costs $90,000.

A leading manufacturer, Fender, makes an astounding average of 90,000 strings per day. This is more than 20,000 miles a year. If attached end to end the strings could cover the world.